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Motor Equipment

SB Directional Services currently owns a large fleet of SB POWR Series Drilling Motors that range from    4 ¾” to 8” OD to meet your customized needs. What’s unique about our POWR Series Drilling Motors are that their bearing stack size leads to greater downhole allowances, more WOB, torque and over pull. This larger bearing section also helps to drill a straighter hole with less bit wobble.

In addition to the POWR Series Motors, SB Directional Services also has a large fleet of 7” RED (ROP Enhanced Drilling) Motors that have a WOB capacity of 76K while maintaining a short bit to bend. These high torque motors deliver superior performance to our customers through their design, materials, and manufacturing process. Below you will find a complete specification sheet for all our motors. We invite you to Discover the Difference!