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SB Directional Service’s Measurement While Drilling (MWD) provides the reliability and accuracy needed for successful horizontal drilling projects.  Our advanced MWD technology provides the critical real time data vital for customers to reach and maintain their targeted zone.  Provided on every job is a fully stocked kit equipped with a backup of all equipment and two operators to ensure maximum productive time.  Our tools can be configured to accommodate a variety of downhole conditions as well as areas of geological challenge. Along with our company owned equipment, our access to top vendors of industry leading specialized tools can provide the equipment required for complex drilling solutions.

Flow Ranges 4.75” O.D. Collar     100-300 gpm
6.75” O.D. Collar     300-600 gpm
8” O.D. Collar           400-900 gpm
Drilling Fluid Properties Sand <1%
LCM 5-20 ppb medium nut plug, uniformly added and pre-mixed*cottonseed hulls and cedar fiber not Recommended
Sensor Accuracy Dip: +/- 0.25°
Magnetic Field: +/- 75 Nt
Gravity: +/-0.0015 gees
Azimuth: +/-0.2°
Inclination +/- 0.1°
Gamma Specifications Accuracy +/- 5° to 300° F
Sensitivity 1.7 counts per API
Resolution 6.8”
Maximum Working Pressure 20,000 PSI
Max Temp 165°
Vibration 20 GRMS, 30-1000 Hz, random
Shock 1000 G, 0.5 mSec, ½ sine
Data Transmission Positive Pulse
Battery Life 200-400 hours depending on operation parameters
Probe O.D. 1.875” (without centralizer)
Probe Length 23-27’