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Well Planning

The well planning department breathes life into every well. It is no secret that the magic begins and ends within the SB Directional Well Planning Department. Our well planners are very passionate about their work and are always honored to assist in any way. We offer the following well planning services.

We believe that it is key that each operating company has one primary well planner directly assigned to oversee all operations.  This is important to build trust and a working partnership with the lead engineer that, otherwise, gets lost with the in-box system. YOUR well planner is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The lead well planner will communicate and consult directly with you to ensure that we create a well plan that meets your drilling goals. During the lifespan of the wellbore, we can assist with scenario options with additional variables to present some different results, target line plan changes to keep within the sweet spot of the desired targeted formation and a quick turnaround on sidetracks, if needed.

SB Directional offers daily reporting with updated Plan Versus Actual Plot with the most recent survey and projection to bit annotated, Anti-Collision report if there are any offset wells in the area, Survey Report with all as-drilled surveys to be included (in text file and excel format to be easily transferred to your programs), the day prior and present day Daily Report, BHA Performance Report and that BHA’s Slide Report.

Anti-Collision Checks with every survey is common practice with any offset well that is considered a possible risk until there are no longer any concerns or until positive separation is seen with every survey out of precaution.  It is our goal to build a well plan that meets your needs with safety as our #1 priority.

Torque and drag modeling provides the flexibility to be used for planning, execution and review. Its results can assist to define rig equipment requirements, determine drill-ability of the well and identify problem areas.

End of Well Reporting is performed once every well has reached its total depth goal. This is submitted back to the customer for their use to submit with the States Federal Agencies and to be stored in their historical archives. The Final Plot and Final Survey Report will include key points annotated for the customers convenience.  We are open to any special requests in this process.